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How to Dress for Every Type of Body Shape

It is amazing how you are suddenly flooded with ‘marriage’ invitations galore! You cannot even afford to say “No” to anyone, for risk of offending close family members and friends! All you can do is to loosen your purse strings (if necessary) and purchase diverse types of designer salwar suits as quickly as possible. Your choices should complement your kind of body frame the best.

The Traditional Style


If you would still like to continue with the classic style that has been in existence for ages, do go ahead. Just remember that if you are slender and possess a trim figure, you may opt for body-hugging ensembles. After all, you do have an enviable figure! If, on the other hand, you are rather voluptuous, or possess a full figure, it would be good to go in for loose-fitting salwar suits. Similarly, do take height into consideration too. For instance, overly loose garments are unsuitable for short people. You will look as if the ensemble has swallowed you up!

With Love, from Pakistan


This style is suitable for most body types too, despite the kameez possessing a straight cut. The top looks marvellous when paired with a well-fitting churidar. Now, if you are naturally tall, you have nothing to worry about. The straight pattern will suffice to highlight all your assets in a beautifully ‘straight’ manner! In case, you are medium-sized, or rather short, the sharpness of the cut will serve to add extra inches to your height. Thus, it is a win-win situation all the way!

The Ever-Graceful Anarkali


You should feel like a royal princess whenever you don this apparel, for its graceful flow serves to highlight all your assets and hide unsightly areas from view! Are you short/petite? If yes, avoid floor-length dresses, for you will drown in them! They are more suitable for the lean and athletic, or slender and trim figures. In case, you are inclined to be on the heavier side, refuse to have anything to do with stiff fabrics (net, organza, etc) or highly embellished bodices. They will only add to your ‘fullness’! Instead, go in for flowing gowns with wide flares and darker hues.

The Popular Patiala Suit


Do you possess an hourglass figure, as well as healthy height? If yes, you will look glorious in the Patiala salwar suit! However, if you are inclined to be rather plump, or even stout, ensure that your salwar exhibits less volume. Furthermore, combine the Patiala salwar with a short kurta.

The Modern Mindset


If you are bored with the ‘old’, why not try something new in the form of Palazzos, then? It is excellent for you, if you have good height and well-rounded shoulders. The pants, with their straight lines, award you a contemporary allure, as well as chicness and sophistication! Match them with charmingly patterned and straight-line kurtis and matching accessories, and watch every eye turn your way! Sorry, but it is not for you, if you are petite/short!

Sexy Slits


This is an ultra-modern and bold style for the highly confident and sexy figure! The slits of the kameez are in front, thereby hugging all your curves lovingly! You must have a trim and athletic body frame, or an hourglass shape. Stiff fabrics are the ultimate for an overall slim and slender frame, while georgette or chiffon is ideal for a ‘heavy’ bottom. If you are petite/short, just go for high-heeled footwear, and you are through!

Numerous designer salwar suits in innovative styles suitable for diverse body frames have flooded the marketplace. Additionally, newer and improved patterns are coming up all the time.


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