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He has a pair of small eyes on

He has a pair of small eyes on his fat face; he has a lot of mathematics in his big brain. He is my good friend Yang Xin, I recommend him to be a ”Little Doctor of Mathemating Xin is the ”mathematical king” of our class Cigarettes Cheaper. During class, his little eyes sparkled with wisdom, and the teacher��s thinking questions were always his veteran. When he was in the exam, he had a good job and he was able to get the best results. When he was in class, the students took them. I was asked to ask him for his homework. At this time, he always followed the temptation and seduce like a little teacher. I really admire himonce again, I was doing math problems, and suddenly I was struggling with a problem. I scratched my head and couldn��t think of a solution. I took the book to ask ”Mr. Yang”. Yang Xin looked at the subject and smiled a little, then patiently taught me: ”This question must be calculated first…” He showed me the draft drawings for a while, let me deepen my understanding, and let me ask questions that I don’t understand. A little teacher. After he made a little call, I finally solved this problem. I voted for the five bodies that he admired.uzzled Marlboro Cigarettes. As the squad leader Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, I will concentrate on listening to the lectures and my homework will be completed carefully. How can I not test him? So I asked him this question. Yang Xin smiled and said: ”Xu Ying, the secret is to read more books, increase knowledge Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, expand thinking, make yourself smarter, and the results can be improved faster!” So, I think I only saw him in the top. The results, seeing the honor he received, did not know the painstaking efforts behind him. As Bing Xin��s grandmother said: ��Successful flowers, people only stunned her current bright. However, her buds, soaked in the tears of struggle, sprinkled the blood of sacrifice.�� This sentence is not his study. A true portrayal of the journey? I suddenly realang Xin is hardworking and active Carton Of Cigarettes. He has won the second prize in the district ”Little Maths” competition. He is a well-deserved mathematics doctor


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