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I really can’t afford to lose, I reall

I really can’t afford to lose, I really hate myself again, I don’t know what it is for, but now I can’t be happy. Why, I have asked myself more than once, asking me what is hurting, I am not good enough. Is there not much I pay? I was at a loss, I stood silently in the storm, looking at the far ahead, looking at the hope of ambiguity, I give up?started to complain, learned to escape, and even began to hate myself. Why are you so disappointing, why failed again and again, the previous fighting spirit is now almost worn out. It��s just that the wound can��t heal for a long time. What should I do? I found that I have lost hope and my hope has been shattered. Oh, only sigh, only regret, only once and for all hate yourself, God, what am I doing wrong Carton Of Cigarettes, you have to punish me, from the highest peak to the bottom of the pain, who can understand, me, I don’t know what to do. hought about forgetting and persuading myself to work hard. Maybe, I am really not as good as others. Maybe, I am stupid. What do you want to use now? It will only add a little bit of trouble.e, I should think about what I am living for. I don’t know now. I am living in pursuit. I am too frustrated. I have lived for 16 spring and autumn. I don’t know what to do, what ideals, what ambitions, I never thought about it, just mixed up, no thoughts, walking dead. I am alive with the tide. exam is also finished, I also played Newport 100S, and now I only regret it, only shame, what to reward you, my sister, my teacher, all the people who support me behind me, take me less Is there a small score? I dare not say how many points I have tested. I am too shameful to myself. How can I satisfy you? Sorry, I have nothing to say to you., God is kind to me, at least not to let me regret when I take the exam. Maybe this time, the warning is important to me. I should be alert to me Wholesale Cigarettes, take every exam seriously, and learn to make up for myself. insufficient.m very grateful to God, and gave me important warnings when I had a chance to change.ld I give up? Will I be happy like that? Even if I choose again, will I escape? I don’t deny that I am not strong enough Carton Of Newports, but I will never be a tortoise, I will bravely go on. Even if one hundred failures, one hundred falls, as long as I climbed the hundred and one times Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, I was victoriousust your mindset, let’s go, I am not afraid of the so-called injury, let the storm come more violently, I am not afraid, and will never cry!


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