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My favorite TV section is ”I Love Invent

My favorite TV section is ”I Love Invention Marlboro Cigarettes Price.” The ”I Love Invention” column encourages the whole people to establish their business with wisdom and convey the concept of ”inventing to change fate Cigarettes Cheaper, wisdom to create wealth”. It is the first TV program in China that encourages Chinese people to create their own businesses through their own inven example, in order to solve the problem of parking, the genius family invented a self-made car that can be rotated 90 degrees or 360 degrees. Sometimes the parking lot is full of cars, only one parking space is left, but the parking space is in the middle of two cars. It is very difficult for people to park their cars in that parking space. At this time, the genius inventor’s special car can stop at this position Marlboro Gold. Just align the car with the parking space, press the 90-degree horizontal button, the car’s wheels will rotate 90 degrees, and then add a little fuel. The door car entered the parking space accurately. I looked surprised!em, one of my favorite inventions is the Land and Water. The wheel of this kind of car can be arbitrarily stretched in the water. In the water, the wheel of the car is taken back Wholesale Cigarettes, so that the car does not have a wide wheel in the water, so the water speed of the car is greatly improved. In order to invent the car Marlboro Cigarettes Online, the inventor disregarded the opposition of his family, and his hand was accidentally caught in the car by the wheel during the production process. The finger was squeezed out halfway and the wrist was severely broken, but he was not discouraged. The car was finally developed by him. The spirit that he insists on not giving up is worth learni is my favorite TV program, because it is very interesting, but also let us learn a lot of scientific knowledge, more importantly, let me understand that ”invention changes the fate, wisdom creates wealth.”


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